Fullerton Hosts KFI’s John & Ken – RINO’s Go Into Hiding

March 8, 2009

tax revot posterOn Saturday March 7, the John & Ken radio show aired live in Fullerton at the Slidebar.  Actually, the Slidebar can’t hold anywhere near that many so it was in the parking lot, over 10,000 patriots showed up to protest the idiots at the state who passed the “Tax” budget. Read the rest of this entry »


Tim Shaw Gets On Council, Daren Nigsarian Gets Bupkis

November 5, 2008

You have heard us talk about ‘trading integrity for political expediency’ before on this site, some of this year’s politicos were a perfect example of this.

Tim Shaw and Daren Nigsarian went for political expediency.  Unfortunately, the voters did not get any mailers or newspaper ads alerting them to these two.

Tim hid Read the rest of this entry »

Are you a new vistor to this site?

November 2, 2008

If you’re looking for information on the candidates in this town, you can click on VIDEOS in the menu bar and see Tim Shaw and Daren Nigsarian Read the rest of this entry »

Yes On Measure-T Web Site, No Endorsements

October 28, 2008

Another amazing item that we found, the Yes On Measure-T website (welovelh.com) has nobody endorsing the sales tax measure.

If you go to the site and try to click on the “Endorsements” link you will find it is not active.  Why? Because none of the incumbents up for re-election, Rose Espinoza(D), Tom Beamish(R), and candidates Darren Nigsarian(D), Tim Shaw(R),  will risk running on the tax for fear of losing.

While they all support the Sales Tax increase, they refuse to put their verbal commitments into print or on their individual web sites.

Come on you guys’ and gal.  Be proud of your stance on raising taxes on your constituents during this country’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression.  All of you are brilliantly articulate about why we need the tax when you speak to your supporters but you become very different when speaking to the public.

You can see Tim Shaw & Darren Nigsarian discussing why they are for the tax by clicking on the “Video” link in the Categories Box to the right side of this page.

These folks are covertly running on the tax while at the same time they are running away from it when it comes to their campaign material or speaking to the public.

Again, their actions speak volumes.

Former Council Member Who Voted to Pass Illegal Utility Tax in 1992 Endorses Tim Shaw

October 26, 2008

If you thought this couldn’t get any crazier, La Habra’s past good old boy on the council, John Holmberg, has endorsed Tim Shaw.

Back in 1992 then councilman Holmberg voted to pass the illegal Utility Tax in La Habra and set the stage for the liberation of millions of dollars from the public’s purse. Read the rest of this entry »

Taxing Tim is Misleading the Public…..

October 26, 2008

And he isn’t even in office yet!

In Tim’s most recent mailer, 8″x10″ with LA County Firemen on the back, it says: Tim Shaw – Keeping Republican Values Strong.  We assume he knows what he is doing as he sent it to Republican house holds.

This guy really has no shame Read the rest of this entry »

Orange County Register Urges a NO VOTE ON T-TAX!

October 19, 2008

“La Habra city officials repeatedly prefer to push for tax increases rather than get their spending habits in line.”

Amen to that brother!

Read their entire article by clicking here and scroll down to Measure-T.