OctoMom Finds Her Way to La Habra

March 12, 2009

circusWell, just when we thought that life in La Habra could not get any stranger, along comes Octomom.  We swear that those damn Quakers in Whittier musta worked some heavy mojo and got the “Uterus” to pack up and relocate to our happy little town.

What, with a lethal stabbing, a new sales tax increase soon to be applied, Lang Homes going belly up, foreclosure madness, we would have enough to think about.  But noooooooo, we now have the Dr. Phil side show in town to take our attention away from the mundane council goings-on.circus 2

While this side show begins its next act, lets throw out some questions for you all to consider.

  1. How much is this now going to cost the Orange County Tax Payer?
  2. With the money Octomom is making, how can she qualify for aid from the county?
  3. What is the cost going to be to La Habran’s as this media hungry woman begins to meltdown and call the P.D. like she did in Whittier?
  4. Do we actually have the man power (or woman if you prefer) to cover additional shifts needed as this freak show begins to launch?

On a week day, our undercover homeless photo junkies took these shots of the media whores as they camped out in the very small cul-de-sac off of Madonna in La Habra

octomomNow, before you get your burp rag all messed up, we don’t want to deny these children services.  In fact, we believe they are Innocent victims of a unstable, narcissistic, mother who needs affirmation and money.  Kinda like Bernie Madoff – but we digress.  These children are not the attention of our anger, rather it is directed at the woman who has no means to support these children except from the nationwide controversy that surrounds her irresponsible behavior.

We will be posting more and we really want your thoughts, so post away.


From an e-mail

November 2, 2008

O.K. folks, normally we don’t like to post e-mails that we get from viewers that can comment to a post.  However, once in awhile we get a e-mail that just needs posting.

This came in a few days ago.

I find it funny that these 3 candidates Dobkin, Ortega, and Shapiro are against Measure T, But want to spend money for other programs. Not one of these candidates Dobkin, Ortega, and Shapiro have said how the will fund their lofty goals or find the money to do any thing. I also think some of the goals are great redoing downtown is a great idea, but again where are you going to get the money.

We are not aware of any programs that any of these candidates are promoting.  Second, redoing downtown has been in the works for 50 years and has been the biggest waste of time, money and energy. Every time the city has gotten involved with “redoing” downtown, it looks worse and it costs the tax payers money – the city was sued by business’ of the last facade improvement that the city spearheaded. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes On Measure-T Web Site, No Endorsements

October 28, 2008

Another amazing item that we found, the Yes On Measure-T website (welovelh.com) has nobody endorsing the sales tax measure.

If you go to the site and try to click on the “Endorsements” link you will find it is not active.  Why? Because none of the incumbents up for re-election, Rose Espinoza(D), Tom Beamish(R), and candidates Darren Nigsarian(D), Tim Shaw(R),  will risk running on the tax for fear of losing.

While they all support the Sales Tax increase, they refuse to put their verbal commitments into print or on their individual web sites.

Come on you guys’ and gal.  Be proud of your stance on raising taxes on your constituents during this country’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression.  All of you are brilliantly articulate about why we need the tax when you speak to your supporters but you become very different when speaking to the public.

You can see Tim Shaw & Darren Nigsarian discussing why they are for the tax by clicking on the “Video” link in the Categories Box to the right side of this page.

These folks are covertly running on the tax while at the same time they are running away from it when it comes to their campaign material or speaking to the public.

Again, their actions speak volumes.

Phone Calls From Boston Come in Supporting Sales Tax

October 28, 2008

We’ve had numerous e-mails complaining that telephone marketing from actual live callers, not automated computer calls, from the city of Boston, Mass. in support of Measure-T have been hiting homes in our city.  Many angry voters have expressed their displeasure with folks from an extremely Liberal state, telling La Habran’s what would be best for them.

We can only surmise at this point, that the “We Love La Habra – so taxes us hard and long group” will go to any lengths to drain us of our money.

If you go this link, “Socialist La Habran’s Who Know Whats Best For You” web site, you can see the idiots in action.  The arguments are weak and promise everything if you only pass the tax.  From Erectile Dysfunction to solving MassTransit Issues, the T-Tax will do it all.

Taxing Tim Shaw Flip-Flops

October 15, 2008

The hypocrisy of Tim Shaw keeps rolling in.  As a Republican you think he would be consistent with his views on taxes as he did back in 2002 when he last ran for city council.

This was taken from his campaign statement in the 2002 voter guide:

You can view the entire article at : http://www.smartvoter.org/2002/11/05/ca/or/vote/shaw_t/philosophy.html

“Between federal, state, and local taxes and fees, our citizens pay a substantial part of their incomes to the government. As a council member, I will fight to protect our taxpayers from having to shoulder an even heavier tax burden.”  Tim Shaw, 2002 Smart Voter Guide excerpt

Today he is 180 degrees different and on the side of liberal democrat Daren Nigsarian(d),Rose Espinoza(d), Tom Beamish(r), and Steve “teflon” Simonian(r).

Selling out Republican ideals is almost a prerequisite in this town to getting elected.

OC Register Exposes Illegal Campaigning by City of LH

October 12, 2008

OC Register Columnist Steve Greenhut slams City Manager Don Hannah over campaign material supporting “Measure T” the sales tax increase, as well as claiming  “it is one of the most egregious examples I’ve ever seen of a campaign mailer masquerading as an info piece.”

“…it is pure, unadulterated campaign literature designed to promote a yes vote on a tax increase.”   writes Greenhut

Finally, someone outside the city bounderies is taking notice of what is happening in this town.  To view the entire article click here.