From an e-mail

November 2, 2008

O.K. folks, normally we don’t like to post e-mails that we get from viewers that can comment to a post.  However, once in awhile we get a e-mail that just needs posting.

This came in a few days ago.

I find it funny that these 3 candidates Dobkin, Ortega, and Shapiro are against Measure T, But want to spend money for other programs. Not one of these candidates Dobkin, Ortega, and Shapiro have said how the will fund their lofty goals or find the money to do any thing. I also think some of the goals are great redoing downtown is a great idea, but again where are you going to get the money.

We are not aware of any programs that any of these candidates are promoting.  Second, redoing downtown has been in the works for 50 years and has been the biggest waste of time, money and energy. Every time the city has gotten involved with “redoing” downtown, it looks worse and it costs the tax payers money – the city was sued by business’ of the last facade improvement that the city spearheaded. Read the rest of this entry »


Dobkin Accused of Posting Signs on Imperial Middle School Fence

October 25, 2008

We had a comment by Rick today under the post, “Sales Tax Increase Poll”, that Candidate Dobkin was posting political signs on Imperial Middle Schools fence facing in towards the soccer fields.  That this was a violation.

So, we sent an e-mail to Dobkin to explain what this was about.

Larry, matter of factly, stated that he was putting up signs, just not political signs.

Because many people have been asking AYSO to support the Sales Tax (Measure T), Dobkin had asked the AYSO Region 94 Director if he could put up signs on the fence that stated that ‘AYSO neither endorses or supports ballot measures.’

I guess we now have to be nice to Larry for making sure people understand, indirectly, that Non-Profits supporting ballot measures or political candidates may run afoul of the law and lose their Non-profit status.

Larry, thank you for clearing up the sign issue and performing a public service.

Now for the Question:

Are the sports groups being leveraged to support the sales tax?  Are they handing out pro or con material at their sporting events on School property or publicly owned sports parks?  Would the city and their political cronies actually use scare tactics against parents and children to get Measure-T to pass, would they really stoop that low?

Nah, no way.  What, are you kidding me?

Shapiro Calls out Nigsarian for Wanting to Tax Water

October 18, 2008

What a interesting politcalpalooza it was on Thursday at the city council chambers.  After candidate Larry Dobkin unrolled the mega list of taxes to emphasize how much we already pay to the government, things got boring.

Not until the halfway mark did it begin to sound like a debate.

The big item was when candidate Mike Shapiro accused fellow candidate, Daren Nigsarian, of wanting to bring back the Utility Tax, Hotel Tax, have a sales tax, and TAX WATER!

Nigsarian denied ever saying he wanted to tax water and laughed it off as a joke.

Shaprio looked shocked, as we were, and Shaprio then said “Yes, you did.  I saw the video of you during the interview and I posted it on my web site.”

This isn’t the first time Nigsarian has conviently forgotten his past words or deeds.

If you’ve been reading and watching the videos on this site, then you know Nigsarian DOES WANT TO TAX WATER.  You heard him in his own words and raising of his eyebrows as if it was a great new revenue idea that he just thought of.

Taxing Tim Shaw, like Tom Beamish, couldn’t answer the question of supporting the sales tax, Measure-T.  Both prefaced their statements with “I’m a republican and I’m against taxes…But.”  What a shame that two well known republicans can’t stand up for fiscal responsibility.  Especially when it comes to Shaw.  Working for such an anti-tax elected official as Bob Huff, our 60th state assembly representative, for Shaw to embrace a tax is puzzling, to say the least.