Fullerton Hosts KFI’s John & Ken – RINO’s Go Into Hiding

March 8, 2009

tax revot posterOn Saturday March 7, the John & Ken radio show aired live in Fullerton at the Slidebar.  Actually, the Slidebar can’t hold anywhere near that many so it was in the parking lot, over 10,000 patriots showed up to protest the idiots at the state who passed the “Tax” budget. Read the rest of this entry »


Tim Shaw Gets On Council, Daren Nigsarian Gets Bupkis

November 5, 2008

You have heard us talk about ‘trading integrity for political expediency’ before on this site, some of this year’s politicos were a perfect example of this.

Tim Shaw and Daren Nigsarian went for political expediency.  Unfortunately, the voters did not get any mailers or newspaper ads alerting them to these two.

Tim hid Read the rest of this entry »

Are you a new vistor to this site?

November 2, 2008

If you’re looking for information on the candidates in this town, you can click on VIDEOS in the menu bar and see Tim Shaw and Daren Nigsarian Read the rest of this entry »

Nigsarian Not Truthful About His Credentials

November 1, 2008

Nigsarian has, on numerous occasions, either stretched the truth, contradicted himself or lied about never wanting to tax water.  Well, he is stretching the truth about his 24 years as a LA County Sheriff Deputy.

In 1986 Nigsarian, according to his own web site, his friend states he graduated from Rio Hondo Police Academy in 1985 and has been a Sheriff’s Deputy for 24 years.

Our research shows that Nigsarian was a Marshal that worked at the Norwalk Superior Court, California.  We have not been able to find Read the rest of this entry »

Daren Nigsarian Lies to The Public About Taxing Water

October 31, 2008

O.K., we know that we reported on this a few weeks ago and we also posted video of Nigsarian from the City Council interviews where he states his desire to tax the citizens of La Habra.  However, now we have video of Nigsarian’s response to Candidate Shapiro accusing him of wanting to tax water in the Video Link Below.

It is amazing to see Nigsarain lie with such ease when only a few months prior to the League of Women Voters forum he was giving careful, detailed explanations of why we need more taxes and how he would personally guarantee getting a hotel tax passed. AND WANTING TO TAX WATER AS A WAY TO GENERATE REVENUE!

Watch this video and immediately e-mail your friends cause this guy is lying before he even gets into office.

What is in Question? A Political Sign Stealer is What

October 22, 2008

After reviewing notes from other sources at the candidates forum, we found that one question stood out, yet at the same time only one answer from a candidate was telling, almost cryptic.

Larry Dobkin’s response to the question “what should be done to those who steal or deface political signs?” set our minds racing as nothing in this town is what it appears to be.

So, which candidate was pulling out “No On G” signs in 2005?

Not Shaw.  As tax happy as he is, Shaw knows better.  Even as the Treasurer of the Yes On G Utility Tax Committee, Shaw isn’t that stupid.  Beamish; that would be a stretch even at best.  Ortega, highly unlikely a guy who is against the sales tax would go pinch the signs and the same goes for Shapiro.

That leaves Espinoza, which gives us headaches trying to envision her stealing signs.  That has Nigsarian who co-chaired the Yes On G Committee without a chair to sit in when the music stops.

By eliminating who wouldn’t steal a sign, we are left with Darren Nigsarian.

And what we found out is very interesting.  See our next post for more.