Gardening Co-Op, how to save on veggies

March 15, 2009

veggie1We promised to never do recipes on this site and we are not going to start.  But, we do think that growing one’s own vegetables is spot on when it comes to saving money, especially during these tough, government taxing, pork ladened spending bill times.

Many on this site have planted or are going to be planting our Veg (pronounced vej. for you non-gradening types) gardens.  With this in mind we are asking for our readers to let us know what they are planting this year and is they would be willing to trade with others that might have something they do not.

Experienced gardeners know the surprise of what six tomato and 8 zucchini plants can mrorangeproduce.  Therefore, trading for those crook-neck squash your neighbor grew could actually help your pocketbook and leave the government penniless.

If you would like to hook up with other Gardner’s and begin the wonderful process of “co-oping”, then drop us a line at and we will help put together the lahabrapost-Veg Co-op.