Daren Nigsarian Lies to The Public About Taxing Water

October 31, 2008

O.K., we know that we reported on this a few weeks ago and we also posted video of Nigsarian from the City Council interviews where he states his desire to tax the citizens of La Habra.  However, now we have video of Nigsarian’s response to Candidate Shapiro accusing him of wanting to tax water in the Video Link Below.

It is amazing to see Nigsarain lie with such ease when only a few months prior to the League of Women Voters forum he was giving careful, detailed explanations of why we need more taxes and how he would personally guarantee getting a hotel tax passed. AND WANTING TO TAX WATER AS A WAY TO GENERATE REVENUE!

Watch this video and immediately e-mail your friends cause this guy is lying before he even gets into office.


Video of Bob Huff, Assembleyman, Speaking Out Against Taxes @ Council Meeting

October 20, 2008

The La Habra City Council must have been choking after councilman Jim Gomez asked Bob Huff, our 60th Assembly District Representative, to speak at the last council meeting and he pounded the anti-tax theme

As the video shows, Bob Huff is very articulate and convincing in his speech against taxes and he makes Republicans proud to know that there is a Republican out there who will toe the line against taxes.

Showing the true measure of a statesmen ready for the Senate, Mr. Huff gives the most poignant line of the entire year about taxes;

“Taxes that are passed with the intention of creating revenue, actually have the opposite effect in a downward economy.”

We could not have said it better!  The only problem is that our council and half of the candidates running for office think that Measure-T, the sales tax, will bring in more income.  We are only puzzled that Steve Simonian didn’t jump up and call Huff a liar, as he normally treats people who have conviction, the facts on there side and the audacity to contradict him

Watch this video and realize there are elected officials outside this town, that you support, that speak the same warning words as those you would vilify simply because they are not your councilman.  Being a good party loyalist, if that’s what your are, simply means you will at least hold identical core values, such as Assemblyman Huff, of the Republican party.  Like NO TAXES if you are a Republican.  If this is who you are, then why do you keep voting for the same pathetic sellouts?

Political hacks that pander to you while draining the publics coffers to keep you happy, then you get mad that your police force has shrunken, your, roads look like a third world country and you won’t even blame those in office, to the contrary, you vote for them again thinking they can save you.

Wake up!  Stop thinking that government can be the arbiter of your happiness.  Its actually cathartic, to be free of dependence on others for that which you should rely on yourself to be responsible for: self-determination.

Taxes are bad.  Politicians who pass them are bad too.  Its that simple.

Nigsarian To Tax Water!

October 14, 2008

Liberal democrat, Daren Nigsarian, is interviewed by the La Habra city council for possible appointment to fill the late Steve Anderson’s council seat.  Nigsarian is asked by Councilman Gomez “what is the biggest problem facing La Habra.”  Nigsarian responds with blaming the state of CA and for LH’s budget woes, while admitting that LH “…needs to get its financial house in order.”

Here is where Nigsarian proceeds to describe ways to raise revenue.  He uses the term U.T. This is used by all of those at city hall that support the tax and is a way in which candidates, like Taxing Tim Shaw and Nail ’em Nigsarain, can speak about a tax without really mentioning it.

The Taxing ideas begin about 1:16 into it.  We apologize for the length of the clip, but Daren likes to hear himself talk.

Tim Shaw Speaks in Favor of Sales Tax Ballot Initiative

September 13, 2008

On July 21, 2008 La Habra Republican candidate for city council, Tim Shaw, takes the podium to speak in favor of the council putting the Sales Tax Initiative on the Ballot.

What is the world coming to when Republicans start endorsing more taxes, Democrats advocating banning abortion?

Tim Shaw Approves of Taxing the Public

September 13, 2008

Taped during the appointment interviews by the La Habra City Council, Tim Shaw is asked by Councilman Jim Gomez to explain why he (Tim) may have a problem because he is seen as too Republican.

After Tim’s admission to being the Treasurerof the “Yes On G” committee with Liberal Democrat Daren Nigsarian as Co-President, its a wonder that anyone would consider him anything but a Liberal.