City Violates Fair Political Practice Law, Again

October 31, 2008

City Council Candidate Larry Dobkin got it right at last weeks council meeting when he accused the city of illegally campaigning for Measure-T and asking them if another mailer was coming out – of which he got no response.

This time, City Manager Hannah has recruited Police Chief Dennis Kies to be a party to this charade as a larger (8.5″x11″), more expensive 4 page color brochure arrived yesterday in the mail (Oct. 30) with Chief Kies giving a full accounting of the dangers if Measure-T does not pass.

He states that “..cuts will have to be implemented that may significantly impact public services.”  Since when did the Police Chief decide about what is going to be cut in the P.D budget?  At the Candidates Forum, Councilman Beamish and Espinoza both stated that they would not cut the PD’s Read the rest of this entry »