OctoMom Finds Her Way to La Habra

March 12, 2009

circusWell, just when we thought that life in La Habra could not get any stranger, along comes Octomom.  We swear that those damn Quakers in Whittier musta worked some heavy mojo and got the “Uterus” to pack up and relocate to our happy little town.

What, with a lethal stabbing, a new sales tax increase soon to be applied, Lang Homes going belly up, foreclosure madness, we would have enough to think about.  But noooooooo, we now have the Dr. Phil side show in town to take our attention away from the mundane council goings-on.circus 2

While this side show begins its next act, lets throw out some questions for you all to consider.

  1. How much is this now going to cost the Orange County Tax Payer?
  2. With the money Octomom is making, how can she qualify for aid from the county?
  3. What is the cost going to be to La Habran’s as this media hungry woman begins to meltdown and call the P.D. like she did in Whittier?
  4. Do we actually have the man power (or woman if you prefer) to cover additional shifts needed as this freak show begins to launch?

On a week day, our undercover homeless photo junkies took these shots of the media whores as they camped out in the very small cul-de-sac off of Madonna in La Habra

octomomNow, before you get your burp rag all messed up, we don’t want to deny these children services.  In fact, we believe they are Innocent victims of a unstable, narcissistic, mother who needs affirmation and money.  Kinda like Bernie Madoff – but we digress.  These children are not the attention of our anger, rather it is directed at the woman who has no means to support these children except from the nationwide controversy that surrounds her irresponsible behavior.

We will be posting more and we really want your thoughts, so post away.