This blog was set up to give the citizens of La Habra the opportunity to hear the truth about their local government; the Nuts and Bolts of Our Town.

We have recently aquired this blog and are ready to launch.  However, we do require the following: A name and e-mail.  All comments will be held for approval by the original author of the thread. 

If we feel your comment is out of line or uses foul, nasty, four letter colorful metaphors, then we would like to offer you a position.  OK, all joking aside, we can’t have the type of language that should be reserved for cage fights, here.  However, if you get carried away we will send you a e-mail asking if you would like to maybe re-phrase your words. If you don’t get the hint, then no posted comment.

We will not release your name (which is probably phony to begin with) nor will we give out your e-mail to anyone, again most likely a dead drop.  With that said, you certainly could get your IP address blocked should you piss us off – that would take a lot.

By posting on this site you are taking full responsibility for your content that you post and by doing so you agree to indemnify and hold harmless our asses and anyone affiliated with this sites ass – ass is defined in this instance as those of us who own, author, or have anything to do with this site.  Furthermore, the act of your comment being approved for posting is not for validity of your post, only that it is not egregiously offensive.  Attacking non-public figures is not a good idea and is frowned upon here and in courts. 

We think you probably get it by now and if you don’t, then sod off and get F%$@ off this site.


You can e-mail an article (or an idea for an article) to lahabrapost@gmail.com. So have at it and thanks for coming by.
– Staff
La Habra Post


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