Orange Juice! & Red County blogs duke it out

Blogs run by Art Padroza (Orange Juice!) and Matt Cunningham (Red County) are going at it over the Fullerton Tax Revolt put together by Fullerton City Councilman Sean Nelson and KFI’s John & Ken.

Watching these two stalwart blogs deliver body shots to each other makes for some great reads.  Orange Juice! alleges that Cunningham, who’s screen name is “Jubal”,  did not report the Fullerton Tax Payers Revolt event.  Others on the blog have chimmed in that Jubal left the event off of his bolg because Jubal, like Lewis, endorses Daly.

To further complicate matters, it is alledged that Jubal did not post anything regarding the OC Register’s piece about John Lewis, republican political consultant, who had come out and endorsed Tom Daly (dem., O.C. Clerk-Recorder) for the soon to be vacated 4th District Supervisor seat.  

The brew-ha-ha is that Republican and tax fighter Sean Nelson is running for the 4th District seat and Lewis (r), of Lewis Consulting and past state elected official, is not endorsing him but rather Daly (D).

The La Habra Post was started, in part, because local Republican councilman in La Habra were talking big Reep ideas at the OC Central Committee, coming home with an endorsement and turning back into raging socialists (you can view these stories by clicking on “category links” to the right of this page) endorsing taxes and endorsing Democrat Rose Espinoza over Chris Norby for Supervisor.

We have vehemently opposed the support of any and all RINO’s.  John Lewis and his associate Matt Harper have endorsed the Democrat, Tom Daly, for the 4th District seat.

This, in and of itself, is an act of political treason to the party and the “party” should grow a set of testicles, or go out and buy some, and excommunicate those who endorse Dem’s without an extraordinary, extenuating circumstances.


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