La Habra, Tear Down This Wall….

Orange County Supervisor, Chris Norby used this famous Ronald Reagan quote when he spoke to a throng of council members and other guests, during the ceremony celebrating the Supervisor’s generous monetary donation to open the La Habra Library on Fridays.

The intention was to get the city to tear down the wall surrounding the library patio.  This is the infamous patio that the librarian refused to open up to the public…..for 50 years!

Our source tells us that a recent meeting with Jill Patterson (librarian), Sal Failla (Dir. Community Services), and Amir Mozayeny (La Habra Advocate), finally brought about a consensus about the need to remove the “wall.” 

This is shocking!  Consensus with an advocate!  Whats next, dog and cats living together?

We applaud Amir, Sal, and Jill for putting down their knives and working towards agreement to have the wall removed.

As of course with all good news that emanates from deals with the government, there is a catch.  A small $10,000 catch.  It seems that the city must pay prevailing wage.  This means that quotes from private contractors for $3,000 to demolish the wall cannot be used.  Prevailing union wage will make the wall demo a $10,000 project.

This is were we begin to auger a hole in our skulls just to keep it from exploding.

We hope that some non-profit will step up to do the work and the city will donate the $3,000 to get the job done.


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