Fullerton Hosts KFI’s John & Ken – RINO’s Go Into Hiding

tax revot posterOn Saturday March 7, the John & Ken radio show aired live in Fullerton at the Slidebar.  Actually, the Slidebar can’t hold anywhere near that many so it was in the parking lot, over 10,000 patriots showed up to protest the idiots at the state who passed the “Tax” budget.

At 3:00 pm the show started and with it such a joyous display of political anger, none that has been seen in these parts since an unruly group of malcontents recalled three Fullerton city council members for passing an utility tax 15 years ago.tax revolt rally

Pictures of Governor Schwarzenegger on placards reading “RECALL” and Schwartzie heads on sticks, men and women smashing Schwartzie movies and memorabilia with a 20 pound sledge hammer, children, teenagers, all demanding fiscal responsibility and an end to uncontrolled spending.

God it was great.

Democrats like Lou Carrea was getting blasted and rightfully so as well as those Reeps who voted for the tax hikes

head on a stick

With such a huge turn out, no democrat council members showed up from Fullerton.  Considering they tried to pass a retro-active pension spike for city employees behind closed doors, this was not the kind of crowd they wanted to be around.

How does this play for our city council here in La Habra?  Well, they got some ‘splain’n to do’ Lucy.

Steve Simonian, well known republican sell out  that endorsed Darren Nigsarian democrat (who wanted to tax water and then lied about ever saying it) can kiss his political career good bye.  The days of republican hacks like Simonian are gone.  He will never get another endorsement from his party after introducing and endorsing Nigsarian for city council last year.

Given the political climate and disgust for politicians who sell out their party, guyrepublican in name onlys like Tim Shaw won’t have any place to hide.  Worse yet, Shaw is now caught in a Republican political maelstrom; those elected that endorsed him now must move away from Shaw and RINOs like him.  The Republican voters are mad as hell and they are going to punish any and all who help to keep guys like Simonian and Shaw in office.

Its about damn time too.  Keep watching, as this is going to get even bloodier, politicaly speaking.


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