Tim Shaw; Will He Lead?

November 5, 2008

For Tim Shaw to project effective leadership, he will have to deal with the morass created by the City Manager and the Police Chief involved in the campaign material mailed to La Habra Voters after Measure-T was on the ballot.

Tim can show he is a strong advocate of the people by demanding accountability and by personally filing a request of the Fair Political Practices Commission to intrevene, investigate the facts and produce a ruling.

The city deserves to know if its employees have broken the law and are guilty of misappropriating funds for campaigning purposes.  If Tim is really serious about being a true Republican that is concerned about better government, then how he proceeds will speak volumes about his commitment to honest government for the people.  On the other hand, he may just flea flick it under the table and “go along to get along” as the new guy on the council.

Time will tell whether the citizens have gotten what they bargined for.


Tim Shaw Gets On Council, Daren Nigsarian Gets Bupkis

November 5, 2008

You have heard us talk about ‘trading integrity for political expediency’ before on this site, some of this year’s politicos were a perfect example of this.

Tim Shaw and Daren Nigsarian went for political expediency.  Unfortunately, the voters did not get any mailers or newspaper ads alerting them to these two.

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City Officials Should Be Fired

November 5, 2008

Sheer arrogance coupled with unlimited access to the public coffers, proves that the heavy fist of government in La Habra has once again delivered another heavy blow against her citizens.  We have not seen such a blatant abuse of power by the government in this town, since the happy chain smoking days of fascist city manager Lee Risner.

Both the city manager, Don Hannah, and Chief Dennis Kies should be fired for their part in the blatant disregard for campaign laws, afterthe two marketing pieces sent out after Measure-T became an official ballot measure.

As for the city council that approved this entire charade, they should be forced, along with Hannah and Kies, to pay back the cost to the tax payers for those mailers.  But not in this town.  When you can spend a $140,000 to get $3,000,000 a year for twenty years, well, you ‘d do that deal all day!  And that’s what they did. 

We won’t know for a couple more days the exact total of money the city dumped into their illegal political campaign for Measure-T, but our estimates are over $75,000 and probably around $100,000.  If you count the Yes On T committee expenditures of about $40,000 there was a whopping combined $140,000 poured into this taxing measure.

It will take a lawsuit before this city will ever change its ways.

Voter Results For La Habra; Taxing, see it here

November 5, 2008

After a long night of voter watch, the results are in and the City of La Habra can be proud that another election has passed and maybe half of the 26,000 registered voters voted.  Here are the results:

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What If………

November 4, 2008

What if the Measure-T passes? If this were to occur then oversight will be of the first order. updown

Making sure that who ever is in office is accountable and responsible for spending the funds for the next 20 years as promised is paramount.  That no council will ever bond against these funds, thus depriving the right of the people to Read the rest of this entry »

Record Set at La Habra Post!

November 3, 2008

We would like to take time out to thank you, our viewers, that have come by to visit. We have eclipsed 3,500 site visits in a very short time with huge daily numbers in the last week.

We appreciate you stopping by and hope you will keep doing so in the future.

After the 2008 election, this site will keep reporting and giving editorial insight into the decisions made by the city council no matter who sits in the seat.

With a couple of additions in the works, we feel that you will come to rely on this site for analysis of fiscal, planning, and redevelopment policy; Something lacking in the local papers.

Do not come looking for recipes or how to hear how the editor is out in her garden growing herbs for a natural cure for menopausal hot flashes.  We all know where you can find that crap reporting but not here.  We will continue to mine down to what is really going on and releasing it to you.

Now, go out and vote and remember when you vote, you are doing something that others in the world would die for the right to do.  So exercise your right and vote.

O.C. Register’s Greenhut Hammers City Over Another Mailer

November 3, 2008

Reporter Steve Greenhut has once again launched another torpedo into the shameless campaigning for Measure-T by the City of La Habra.

You can read his story by clicking here