Dobkin Accused of Posting Signs on Imperial Middle School Fence

We had a comment by Rick today under the post, “Sales Tax Increase Poll”, that Candidate Dobkin was posting political signs on Imperial Middle Schools fence facing in towards the soccer fields.  That this was a violation.

So, we sent an e-mail to Dobkin to explain what this was about.

Larry, matter of factly, stated that he was putting up signs, just not political signs.

Because many people have been asking AYSO to support the Sales Tax (Measure T), Dobkin had asked the AYSO Region 94 Director if he could put up signs on the fence that stated that ‘AYSO neither endorses or supports ballot measures.’

I guess we now have to be nice to Larry for making sure people understand, indirectly, that Non-Profits supporting ballot measures or political candidates may run afoul of the law and lose their Non-profit status.

Larry, thank you for clearing up the sign issue and performing a public service.

Now for the Question:

Are the sports groups being leveraged to support the sales tax?  Are they handing out pro or con material at their sporting events on School property or publicly owned sports parks?  Would the city and their political cronies actually use scare tactics against parents and children to get Measure-T to pass, would they really stoop that low?

Nah, no way.  What, are you kidding me?


4 Responses to Dobkin Accused of Posting Signs on Imperial Middle School Fence

  1. Rick says:

    AYSO does not own the Fields the School district owns the fields did he ask the school. Also the signs said nothing about Measure T. The signs said (Larry Dobkin For the People)

  2. lahabrapost says:

    Agreed, the school does own the fence. So pick-up the phone and call the school district and let them know about it.

    While you are at it, call code enforcement and have them take all the signs of all candidates that are in the parkways, that is city owned property. Take note of the encumbents whose signs are in parkways and should know better.

    Also, take a picture of Larry’s sign up-close and back a little to show it on the fence, e-mail it to us and we will post it.

  3. Rick says:

    Let me Guess if I had a camera and took a picture of the sign or I go back and take a picture witch I bet the signs no longer are up your going to say I must have put up the sign up my self and taken a picture. Plan and simple the sign was there it was a yellow sign with black writing that read Larry Dobkin for the people. I did not even see the other signs you mentioned.

    I don’t know if Larry remembers me but he was one of my coaches when I was young and he is a big reason why I am still involved in soccer today. I don’t want to report Larry I don’t want code enforcement after him it’s more about principal. I always see Larry after the city council to make sure that the city always cross their T’s and dot their I’s you would think Larry would follow the rules. And yes I know there are signs
    all over the city where they should not be form all candidates.

    I feel no matter what I say you will not believe me


  4. lahabrapost says:

    We never believed that we would find anyone more cynical than ourselves.

    There were signs up we don’t doubt it. Larry even admits to a sign being up that stated a fact about AYSO positions on political items.

    In your posts, Rick, you never mentioned that you saw Larry put the signs up. However, he is ultimately responsible for his signs, as are all candidates.

    It is not a matter of believing you or not. You saw signs up; we found out that Larry did put up a sign and that he stated what it was. We asked you to take a picture of it so we would have posted it.

    We could have sat on our hands, not approved your posts and no one would have known about what you saw. But we did the exact opposite. We approved your comments, we contacted Dobkin, we got input from him, we posted it and we continue to post your comments.

    If we thought you were blowing smoke then you posts would have been deleted when we moderated them.

    Rick, your involvement in this city election is crucial and not for the obvious reasons: sports, fields, and taxpayers money to pay them. Those things are important but none more so then holding our politicians accountable. No longer should we accept what they say as gospel. Quite the contrary, they have been wrong more often then right and at the cost of the taxpayers.

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