Sales Tax Increase Poll


8 Responses to Sales Tax Increase Poll

  1. Derek Tran says:

    I think La Habra Post should post a Voter Guide of sorts providing a little insight into each candidate. What they stand for, etc. I think it would be very useful.

    Perhaps even a their picks.

  2. lahabrapost says:


    With good ideas like that you’ll be running this site in no time!

    You have asked and we will deliver a voter guide by tonight.

    Thanks again for the great suggestion and remember to tell a friend about the site.

  3. Derek Tran says:

    Thanks! I think this election is pivotal for La Habra in the sense that the people we elect will set the tone for the city for not only the next 4 years, but the future of the city.

  4. Joe the Taxpayer says:

    The next four years, hell I won’t be able to make my mortgage let alone pay for food for my family if these IDIOTS at the Fed, State, and the lcoal level keep rasing takes cause they can’t control THEIR SPENDING.

    I’ve lived in La Habra for years because its affordable. The utility tax was hurting me on my water bill and electricity. But do you think our council cared? NO they kept taxing us at 6% on things we needed to live like water and electrical.

    I am tired of being the one who has to keep making up for there bad accounting.

    I say vote NO on any ballot measure that taxes or bonds and vote out the bums who support raising taxes!!

  5. Keith H. says:

    I, like anyone else, like an attractive and safe city.
    However, I am so inclined to vote no on measure T.
    Is it just me or does it seem the city council members over the last several years have not been very judicial and prudent with spending our tax dollars?
    A few things that come to mind are: • 5+ million they spent on getting the Taboo Club closed. • 6 or so million spent on an unnecessarily deluxe softball (i.e. single use) park. Couldn’t it have at least been built to accommodate football, soccer, baseball and more universal uses? Didn’t the city pay tens of thousands of dollars to private businesses to dress up their storefronts? What happened to the millions from the utility tax? The council didn’t have foresight to save at least 10% or so? There was all that talk that if Measure G passed, with all the retail coming online, they would phase out the need for the utility tax. Now they need/want a 20 year sales tax increase? And this is after the increase of retail businesses in La Habra.
    What concerns me is how can I trust that the city council would spend this new money the way they say they will? Look what happened to the La Habra Fire Department after all the council talk that it would not be farmed out.
    I am so inclined to vote no on measure T (or any tax increase measure) until I feel the council can spend wisely.
    I have to live within my budget. Can’t they learn how to do that to?

  6. Derek Tran says:

    I hear you Joe. Vote for Dobkin, Ortega, and Shapiro. Anti-tax all the way!

  7. Rick says:

    Why call this the La Habra Post it should be called No On T Post. Why are their no stories on here for Yes On T. Also why are their no negative post on this blog about the candidates that are for Yes on T.

    I happen to go to Imperial Middle School this Saturday 10/18/08 to watch some soccer. I guess what I saw. I saw Larry Dobkin for the people signs on school property along the back fence of the fields. Now I am not sure if thats legal, But I doubt the school gave him permission to put signs up on school property, But I could be wrong. In all my years living in La Habra (34) have I very seen campaign signs allowed on school property.

  8. lahabrapost says:

    Rick, thanks for coming by.

    I guess you caught us. We’ve been exposed. We are against taxes. I know we are horrible for wanting to keep our hard earned dollars in our own pockets and this flys in the face of our city leaders – who, by the way, spent their way into debt with over $60,000,000 of tax revenue since 1992! That was from the Utility Tax and the Tax dollars from the new commercial developments.

    Signs. Well we could quote you loads of facts about sign violators. How about all those signs on the empty lot on the south side of Carls Jr. on Beach? None of the candidates had permission to put signs up from the owner. In fact, the owner took them all down and last time we checked, Rose Espinoza had her signs back up.

    Or how about Tim Shaw’s sign on the building at Whittier and Harbor? It is way over the sign square footage, or inches if you prefer, but code enforcement has done nothing to make Tim take it down. He supports the tax as do most employees for the city. Don’t you think that the sign code should be enforced?

    Political sign rules have always been arbitrialy enforced in this town and someone hanging a sign on a chain link fence that may be owned by the school or county is not something to hang someone over.

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