Daren Nigsarian Lies to The Public About Taxing Water

October 31, 2008

O.K., we know that we reported on this a few weeks ago and we also posted video of Nigsarian from the City Council interviews where he states his desire to tax the citizens of La Habra.  However, now we have video of Nigsarian’s response to Candidate Shapiro accusing him of wanting to tax water in the Video Link Below.

It is amazing to see Nigsarain lie with such ease when only a few months prior to the League of Women Voters forum he was giving careful, detailed explanations of why we need more taxes and how he would personally guarantee getting a hotel tax passed. AND WANTING TO TAX WATER AS A WAY TO GENERATE REVENUE!

Watch this video and immediately e-mail your friends cause this guy is lying before he even gets into office.


City Violates Fair Political Practice Law, Again

October 31, 2008

City Council Candidate Larry Dobkin got it right at last weeks council meeting when he accused the city of illegally campaigning for Measure-T and asking them if another mailer was coming out – of which he got no response.

This time, City Manager Hannah has recruited Police Chief Dennis Kies to be a party to this charade as a larger (8.5″x11″), more expensive 4 page color brochure arrived yesterday in the mail (Oct. 30) with Chief Kies giving a full accounting of the dangers if Measure-T does not pass.

He states that “..cuts will have to be implemented that may significantly impact public services.”  Since when did the Police Chief decide about what is going to be cut in the P.D budget?  At the Candidates Forum, Councilman Beamish and Espinoza both stated that they would not cut the PD’s Read the rest of this entry »

Yes on T-Blitz’s La Habra With More on The Way

October 31, 2008

La Habra’s Politicians, those who feed at the trough of the taxpayer and other elitists, have finally come out of the closet and put their names on ballot Measure-T, the 20 year sales tax. 

The mailers are replete with chalked out murder scenes with dangling and torn crime scene tape, followed by the fear mongering by line “You Never Want to Get This Call!”  Of course, none of this will happen if you pass the 20 year sales tax.

The mailers are big, letter size color flyers that have come via the postman.  Two received yesterday were interesting, to say the least.  One of the flyers had the names of La Habra’s mostly elite endorsing the tax.  And of course there is Lyle Parks , ultra wealthy contractor/developer of the Westridge retail center on Beach and Imperial Hwy., who endorse the sales tax.  Along with a bunch of city employees and out of town real estate agents, The Doomis’s and a host of usual suspects that feed at the incestious trough of the city.

Keep watching as we get ready to post the pages of the those donors of the Yes on Measure

Yes On Measure-T Web Site, No Endorsements

October 28, 2008

Another amazing item that we found, the Yes On Measure-T website (welovelh.com) has nobody endorsing the sales tax measure.

If you go to the site and try to click on the “Endorsements” link you will find it is not active.  Why? Because none of the incumbents up for re-election, Rose Espinoza(D), Tom Beamish(R), and candidates Darren Nigsarian(D), Tim Shaw(R),  will risk running on the tax for fear of losing.

While they all support the Sales Tax increase, they refuse to put their verbal commitments into print or on their individual web sites.

Come on you guys’ and gal.  Be proud of your stance on raising taxes on your constituents during this country’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression.  All of you are brilliantly articulate about why we need the tax when you speak to your supporters but you become very different when speaking to the public.

You can see Tim Shaw & Darren Nigsarian discussing why they are for the tax by clicking on the “Video” link in the Categories Box to the right side of this page.

These folks are covertly running on the tax while at the same time they are running away from it when it comes to their campaign material or speaking to the public.

Again, their actions speak volumes.

Like the Blog…Tell a Friend

October 28, 2008

We have seen our viewership increase every day but we need you to get the word out about this blog.

In order to change peoples opinions about what better government means, we need to reach-out and get them to visit this site.

So, send out an e-mail with a link to this site and lets get the word out about a new source for news and information.

Can the City Incur Bond Debt If T-Tax Passes?

October 28, 2008

The short answer is YES.

When city council’s get a guaranteed revenue stream they usually want to realize the funds immediately by bonding against it.  This will do two things; Thwart a recall of the measure after it is passed because bonds are tied to it and in-debt the taxpayers for years.

Our City Council can actually bond against the Tax once it passes.  This would explain why the reported phone calls came from Boston, although they could come from N.Y., as there are plenty of bond companies that would have a stake in seeing a 20 year sales tax be passed in La Habra.

More food for thought for when we go to the polls next week.

Phone Calls From Boston Come in Supporting Sales Tax

October 28, 2008

We’ve had numerous e-mails complaining that telephone marketing from actual live callers, not automated computer calls, from the city of Boston, Mass. in support of Measure-T have been hiting homes in our city.  Many angry voters have expressed their displeasure with folks from an extremely Liberal state, telling La Habran’s what would be best for them.

We can only surmise at this point, that the “We Love La Habra – so taxes us hard and long group” will go to any lengths to drain us of our money.

If you go this link, “Socialist La Habran’s Who Know Whats Best For You” web site, you can see the idiots in action.  The arguments are weak and promise everything if you only pass the tax.  From Erectile Dysfunction to solving MassTransit Issues, the T-Tax will do it all.