OC Republican Party Votes NO on Tim Shaw

September 16, 2008

Last night at the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee meeting, members voted nearly unanimous NOT to ENDORSE Tim Shaw.

Tim supported or endorsed the following taxes in La Habra:

  1. Utility Tax, with no sunset clause. Voted down by the Public
  2. Hotel Tax,  with no sunset clause. Voted down by the Public
  3. Sales Tax,  with no sunset clause, Pending election

This is a historical moment for the the city as the Republican party appears to be finally taking notice of La Habra’s RINO’s (Republican in name only) and dealing with them quickly.

In 2006, the Endorsement Committee caught La Habra’s most influential RINO, Steve Simonian, lying about his involvement in endorsing Measure G, the utility tax.  Simonian told the committee that he had not endorsed or supported the Utility Tax.  However, FPPC documents from the Yes On G Committee showed a $500 donation and his actions and statements supporting the tax in La Habra are without question.

He was denied endorsement.

Tim should have taken a lesson from his party (He was present during the 2006 endorsement committee meeting) and not followed in Simonian’s taxing footsteps.


Tim Shaw Speaks in Favor of Sales Tax Ballot Initiative

September 13, 2008

On July 21, 2008 La Habra Republican candidate for city council, Tim Shaw, takes the podium to speak in favor of the council putting the Sales Tax Initiative on the Ballot.

What is the world coming to when Republicans start endorsing more taxes, Democrats advocating banning abortion?

Tim Shaw Approves of Taxing the Public

September 13, 2008

Taped during the appointment interviews by the La Habra City Council, Tim Shaw is asked by Councilman Jim Gomez to explain why he (Tim) may have a problem because he is seen as too Republican.

After Tim’s admission to being the Treasurerof the “Yes On G” committee with Liberal Democrat Daren Nigsarian as Co-President, its a wonder that anyone would consider him anything but a Liberal.