La Habra Loses A Great Man

June 19, 2007

La Habra City Manager Brad Bridenbecker, 35, passed away June 18th after a long battle with cancer.

Brad was one of the shining stars in City Hall and for those who met him, he was the consumate professional. Noted for his candor and ability to understand how people play a vital role in the success of any plan. Brad was without equal.

Here, at the La Habra Post, we celebrate a man who contributed so much of his life to the betterment of our town. He will be missed.

God bless his wife and children.


La Habra Post


La Habra Leaders Change

June 19, 2007

Congratulations to La Habra’s new city manager, Don Hannah, there is a lot of work to be done. Recent polls show public safety, municipal budgets, & beautification are the town’s highest priority’s.

Congratulations to Whittier Christian High School on their great landscaping program, Beach Blvd. really looks great. I wonder what happened to the city’s Beach Blvd. Parkway Landscaping Plan from 5 years ago, didn’t happen, will it ever?

Speaking, of landscaping, the Principal of La Habra High School is leaving, promoted to the district, good riddance. She’s the one who cut down the Mel Williams memorial tree, planted by the Historical Society, which had permission to plant 12 more trees along the Monte Vista St. property line. Her reason was: “Trees cause graffaffit”?!! Which goes to show you, just beacause you have a college degree, does not necessarily mean you know what you are doing.

As one of the ugliest schools in the county, maybe the new Principal will be better educated about the effect the environment has on learning, stay tuned.

The Internet’s Great Promise, Local CommunitybyJoe La Habra

June 19, 2007

The Internet’s great promise is local democracy and community. The La Habra Post is a great way for La Habrans to interact in the great experiment of self government. Hopefully it will not just become a hate filled, one sided, bitch session against our duly elected public officials.typewriter

There is more than enough fodder for malcontents to discuss, and sycophants to applaud. Not everyone is all bad & not everyone should be clobbered every time. The discussion should include a reasonable statement of the issue, who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how much. This requires knowledge of the community and not every bubba with a computer ought to write, but I have a feeling…….. On the other hand, censorship with the local press is a problem. I hope this space will be free of that constraint. Have at it, and good luck!

Neighborhood Votes Due Today On Traffic Calming

June 19, 2007

After months of meetings, Neighborhood Traffic Committees are waiting to see the final votes on whether their recommendations for traffic calming measures will be approved by the home owners on the east and west sides of La Habra. The committees have put together plans that include traffic circles to speed humps.

circleThis program was finally implemented after home owners complaints of high speed cut through traffic went unanswered for years. Kudos to Staff and Councilman Steve Anderson for understanding the problem and for giving the people an active role in determining the solution that best fits their neighborhoods.

Thanks to the homeowners who notified us.

LH P.D. or “can anyone find me a cop?”

June 18, 2007

After Don Hannah’s recent remarks at last weeks council meeting, that the loss of officer’s from the department was within normal levels and handcuffswas mainly from retirements, etc. A review of numbers of officers has shown a loss of over 13 sworn officers from the P.D. since the 2006 elections. Many were 10 to 18 year veterans that were decorated and highly productive in their assignments and who wanted to work and retire as L.H.P.D. Cops. Unfortunately, with abusing mandatory overtime due to low staffing levels and a market place willing to pay some officer’s $15,000 a year more for the same work, its easy to understand the “blue flight”.

Detectives, Gang Cops, highly trained officers that served as SWAT team members in Orange County, and rookie officer’s putting in enough time to get their P.O.S.T Certification are picking up and leaving for greener and better pastures. They only have to look as far as the City of Whittier to get a better job and minimal overtime.policecar1

One way in which to measure the effectiveness and adequate staffing levels of La Habra’s Police Department is to see how many times our P.D. has had to call for mutual aid from other cities’ police departments. Well, after some calling around and checking, it was found that many cities bordering La Habra would no longer send police to help in La Habra. Yes, they will respond to actual emergencies requiring assistance. But, our P.D. has been so understaffed that they’ve been calling for mutual aid when there is a traffic accident because they do not have enough officers to secure and process a vehicular rear ender.

When other cities have figured out how this town is abusing the mutual aid system, because the City Council (namely Rose Espinoza, Steve Simonian and Jim Gomez) won’t hire and pay a fair wage to “adequately” staff their own department, then it is time to start looking for some new council members.

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Concerts in the Park Underwritten by Street Sweeper who got SweetHeart Deal

June 14, 2007

La Habra’s summer Concert in the Park received a boost in funding after the City Council voted to cut the concert series budget in half from $20,000 to $10,000. The $2,500 donation came from Nationwide Environmental Services (NES), the no bid municipal street sweeper contractor.streetsweep.jpg

What makes the donation interesting is NES had been notified by the City that street sweeping was going to be performed in-house. The City had gone as far to purchase a street sweeper and train three-maintinance yard employees how to drive the large machine. At the budget study session with the City Council and Don Hannah, newly appointed City Manager, Hanah admitted he inappropriately disclosed to NES how much savings the city was realizing by taking over the street sweeping. NES, fearful of loosing money, then came back immediately with a new bid that matched the city’s savings.

Hannah was caught like a deer in the headlights when Councilman Anderson lambasted Him for not putting the contract out to bid and for disclosing what would be insider information. The vote was three (Anderson, Beamish, Espinoza) no, to one yes (Gomez) to awarding the contract to NES. The next Council meeting Simonian was back and so were the votes. Rose Espinoza changed her vote yes and with Simonian and Gomez following along, they over road Beamish and Anderson. NES was a large contributor to Steve Simonian’s campaign and appears to have been given an exclusive no bid contract at the expense of the tax payers.

Simonian, Gomez, Espinoza Vote No to hiring More Police

June 13, 2007

At the last city council meeting (06/04/07) council memebers Steve Anderson & Tom Beamish both voted to hire much needed police officers while Steve Simonian, Jim Gomez and Rose Espinoza killed the motion with no votes. Either the gang of three, as they are becoming known as, are tone deaf or the Czar, Steve Simonian, is bent on punishing the police department for the LH Police Association’s hard hitting fact pieces during his last run for office. Either way, the citizens of La Habra and the officer’s safety is at risk.

With Steve Simonian’s vaunted “40 years experience” and his “the police department is adequately staffed” statement during last years debates, you would have to begin to wonder if he is telling the truth. At last weeks City Council meeting, council member Anderson stated that our sworn officer levels are below 1980’s levels.

Stay tuned for more on this subject as it appears to be a pivitol point in our next years election and for major dissension at city council meetings.

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