We’re Baaaaaaaaaack

March 20, 2010

After a lengthy trip to Mexico on a Carlos Castaneda Vacation, the staff finally escaped the chains of lethargy & traveling the interstices of parallel universes.

So, we are back, a step or to slow but we plan on crawling our way back into the scene of North County again.  Leading the way in low brow journalism, if you can even call it that.

Since our temporary departure, we have found other blogs such as La Habra Post popping up across the internet in Orange County.

We will be reviewing the candidates for the upcoming elections and giving you our analysis and picks.  Stay tuned.


Gardening Co-Op, how to save on veggies

March 15, 2009

veggie1We promised to never do recipes on this site and we are not going to start.  But, we do think that growing one’s own vegetables is spot on when it comes to saving money, especially during these tough, government taxing, pork ladened spending bill times.

Many on this site have planted or are going to be planting our Veg (pronounced vej. for you non-gradening types) gardens.  With this in mind we are asking for our readers to let us know what they are planting this year and is they would be willing to trade with others that might have something they do not.

Experienced gardeners know the surprise of what six tomato and 8 zucchini plants can mrorangeproduce.  Therefore, trading for those crook-neck squash your neighbor grew could actually help your pocketbook and leave the government penniless.

If you would like to hook up with other Gardner’s and begin the wonderful process of “co-oping”, then drop us a line at lahabrapost@gmail.com and we will help put together the lahabrapost-Veg Co-op.

Orange Juice! & Red County blogs duke it out

March 15, 2009

Blogs run by Art Padroza (Orange Juice!) and Matt Cunningham (Red County) are going at it over the Fullerton Tax Revolt put together by Fullerton City Councilman Sean Nelson and KFI’s John & Ken.

Watching these two stalwart blogs deliver body shots to each other makes for some great reads.  Orange Juice! alleges that  Read the rest of this entry »

La Habra, Tear Down This Wall….

March 13, 2009

Orange County Supervisor, Chris Norby used this famous Ronald Reagan quote when he spoke to a throng of council members and other guests, during the ceremony celebrating the Supervisor’s generous monetary donation to open the La Habra Library on Fridays.

The intention was to get the city to tear down the wall surrounding the library patio.  This is the infamous patio that the librarian refused to open up to the public…..for 50 years!

Our source tells us that a recent meeting with Jill Patterson (librarian), Sal Failla (Dir. Community Services), and Amir Mozayeny (La Habra Advocate), finally brought about a consensus about the need to remove the “wall.” 

This is shocking!  Consensus with an advocate!  Whats next, dog and cats living together?

We applaud Amir, Sal, and Jill for putting down their knives and working towards agreement to have the wall removed.

As of course with all good news that emanates from deals with the government, there is a catch.  A small $10,000 catch.  It seems that the city must pay prevailing wage.  This means that quotes from private contractors for $3,000 to demolish the wall cannot be used.  Prevailing union wage will make the wall demo a $10,000 project.

This is were we begin to auger a hole in our skulls just to keep it from exploding.

We hope that some non-profit will step up to do the work and the city will donate the $3,000 to get the job done.

OctoMom Finds Her Way to La Habra

March 12, 2009

circusWell, just when we thought that life in La Habra could not get any stranger, along comes Octomom.  We swear that those damn Quakers in Whittier musta worked some heavy mojo and got the “Uterus” to pack up and relocate to our happy little town.

What, with a lethal stabbing, a new sales tax increase soon to be applied, Lang Homes going belly up, foreclosure madness, we would have enough to think about.  But noooooooo, we now have the Dr. Phil side show in town to take our attention away from the mundane council goings-on.circus 2

While this side show begins its next act, lets throw out some questions for you all to consider.

  1. How much is this now going to cost the Orange County Tax Payer?
  2. With the money Octomom is making, how can she qualify for aid from the county?
  3. What is the cost going to be to La Habran’s as this media hungry woman begins to meltdown and call the P.D. like she did in Whittier?
  4. Do we actually have the man power (or woman if you prefer) to cover additional shifts needed as this freak show begins to launch?

On a week day, our undercover homeless photo junkies took these shots of the media whores as they camped out in the very small cul-de-sac off of Madonna in La Habra

octomomNow, before you get your burp rag all messed up, we don’t want to deny these children services.  In fact, we believe they are Innocent victims of a unstable, narcissistic, mother who needs affirmation and money.  Kinda like Bernie Madoff – but we digress.  These children are not the attention of our anger, rather it is directed at the woman who has no means to support these children except from the nationwide controversy that surrounds her irresponsible behavior.

We will be posting more and we really want your thoughts, so post away.

Fullerton Hosts KFI’s John & Ken – RINO’s Go Into Hiding

March 8, 2009

tax revot posterOn Saturday March 7, the John & Ken radio show aired live in Fullerton at the Slidebar.  Actually, the Slidebar can’t hold anywhere near that many so it was in the parking lot, over 10,000 patriots showed up to protest the idiots at the state who passed the “Tax” budget. Read the rest of this entry »

After a wonderful few months off, the peseants are back.

March 8, 2009

After an extended vacation that was to end after the December holiday, the slap happy lunatics at this site are back and loaded with stories, photos and analysis of the goings on in this sleepy little town.

While we have been away, many things have happened. From the shooting of a we're opengrandma to Boy Scouts being cut-off during public comments at the city council meeting when they dared utter those blasphemous words (that are no-no’s) “Graffiti”.

Ah yes, the sounds of democracy flow through our veins during the springtime and we can’t wait to get at it. So, come back and view, rant, and post.